Commission Resources

Below are some background learning materials for members of the Citizens Commission and other interested Calgarians.


Infrastructure needs:

Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Danger Ahead: the Coming of Collapse Canada’s Infrastructure, November 2007. (PDF)

City of Calgary, Infrastructure Status Report, 2013. (PDF)

City of Calgary, Build Calgary(Website with videos).

Canada West Foundation, At the intersection: a case for sustained and strategic public infrastructure investment, February 2013. (PDF)

Urban Development Institute Calgary, How to Build a Great City, 2014. (PDF)

TD Economics, Special Report: A choice between investing in Canada’s cities or disinvesting in Canada’s future, April 2002. (PDF)

Canadian Home Builders Association, Basic Infrastructure for Canada: Evidence and Issues, May 2012.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Canada’s Infrastructure Gap: Where it came from and Why it will cost so much to close, January 2013.

Calgary Regional Partnership, Calgary Metropolitan Plan, May 2014.


Revenue tools:

Urban Development Institute, “A conversation on Property Tax”, May 2015. (YouTube)

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, Municipal Myths(PDF)

Canadian Federation of Municipalities, Building Prosperity from the Ground Up: Restoring Municipal Fiscal Balance, June 2006. (PDF)

City of Calgary, A case of vertical fiscal imbalance: the Calgary experience. (PDF)

City of Calgary, Comprehensive analysis of shortlisted funding mechanisms, May 2015: (PDF)

Calgary Herald, “City charter may be no cure-all, academics warn”, June 2015.

McMillan, Mel and Bev Dahlby. “Do Local Governments Need Alternative Sources of Tax Revenue? An Assessment of the options for Alberta cities” The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, Vol. 7, Issue 26, September 2014. (PDF)

Tomalty, Ray and Co-Operative Research and Policy Services, Infrastructure Financing Mechanisms for Smart Growth, December 2007. (PDF)

Adaptation to Climate Change Team, Simon Fraser University, PAYING FOR URBAN INFRASTRUCTURE ADAPTATION IN CANADA: An Analysis of Existing and Potential Economic Instruments for Local Governments, June 2015. (PDF)

Canada West Foundation, The Penny Tax: a timely tax innovation to boost our civic investments, April 2011. (PDF)

Bazel, Philip and Jack Mintz, “The free ride is over: Why Cities, and Citizens, Must Start Paying for Much Needed Infrastructure”, The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, Vol. 7, Issue 14, May 2014

Kitchen, Harry and Robin Lindsey, Financing Roads and Public Transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, January 2013.

National Roundtable on Sustainable Infrastructure, Infrastructure Financing, 2006.


Terms of Reference for the Citizens Commission on Municipal Infrastructure