About the Commission

Calgary is among the fastest-growing cities in North America, and leads Canada in population growth. Every year, more than 20,000 new residents move to our city. In the past year alone, almost 10,000 new houses were constructed, and 35,000 new cars were added to our roads. Just twenty years ago, Calgary’s population stood at approximately 750,000. Today, nearly 1.2 million residents now call Calgary their home.

As Calgary grows, the cost of building and maintaining municipal infrastructure is growing too.

The Citizens Commission on Municipal Infrastructure brings together 36 randomly selected Calgarians to learn, discuss and recommend how the City should pay for its growing infrastructure needs.

Members of the Citizens Commission will meet over the course of six Saturdays from September to November 2015. They will learn from a wide range of experts and stakeholders. Members will work together to identify Calgary’s infrastructure priorities and the best mix of revenue tools that could be used to pay for them. The Citizens Commission’s final report will inform future decision-making about how to pay for Calgary’s infrastructure needs in a fair and sustainable way.

The Citizens Commission is a project of the Calgary Chamber, funded by the City of Calgary, Brookfield Residential, and the Alberta Real Estate Foundation. The Calgary Chamber has contracted an independent and impartial organization that specializes in deliberative public processes, MASS LBP, to design and host the Citizens Commission.

To learn more about the Citizens Commission, including how the members will be selected please see the the frequently asked questions.